Eoh Thirteenth rune means phonetically sound [Eo] or [Z].

In nortumbriyskoy runes system this rune indicates yew.

Old runic poem speaks of the Rune following:
 mystery of life and death of a concluded
          tree will allow to get powerful
          in the mysteries of light ash,
          to return to his roots, vzmyt over the branches.
The interpretation of runes Eoh practitioners of this Futhark is built entirely around the representations associated with tisovym tree. Since ancient times the yew is widely worshiped throughout Europe, it is in the very long-lived trees in Europe have seen a symbol of longevity. On the territory of Europe tisov are almost no more, for this is not possible to check the old English believed that the ancient Tisza have the ability to recovery. Old trunks, which, seemingly, most have already died and rotten, sometimes able to rise from germinating within the mouldering trunk daughter shoots. Worshiped yew and red as the human flesh, wood, and as a "bleeding tree": in the deep for the felling in the trunk of the tree for several days or even weeks might trickle of red blood resin.

These features can be considered as the yew tree, associated with volshboy, but on the mystical level, and the yew, and runu - as a symbol of death and rebirth. It is no coincidence that many people in the cemeteries and burial grounds around the plant is Tisza. And the ancient Teutons, and Anglo-Saxon cemetery trees attributed this dual purpose - to protect the deceased and serve as a kind of bridge or a door to the other world. Go to this other world occurred in ancient times and during shamanistic rituals, which are an integral part Zeid. At one stage of the rites burnt fragrant substances from the bark, leaves or resin yew. I now know that they contain a significant proportion of essential oils, which have contributed to psychedelic shaman journey. But this does not detract from the skill of magicians past. It must be noted that it was their diligence has arisen in the Nordic countries ban burning pitch and yew bark. Realizing how dangerous it can be a tree and related mystical experiences, magicians protected from the North of the uninitiated.

At the mystical level runu Eoh, runu tree that serves as a gateway from one world to another, is considered runoy death. However, the same tradition nortumbriyskaya finds strength and influence of this rune generally positive, which is related to longevity tisovyh trees and their ability to resurrection.

Mundane level runes Eoh also linked to tisom, but with a different aspect of it. From the yew wood in the Nordic countries made copies of the flagpole and arrows and heavy fighting bows. Until the mid-IX century, the British State remains a temporary or life-long slavery, possess the same military weapons were only allowed to free people. However, a good blade or a spear with an iron tip could afford only the rich people or druzhinniki located in the service of the King or one of his tanov. Onions, on the other hand, remained a popular weapon. Due to this, tisu generally attribute the protective properties of steel, and is gradually Fleece Eoh for mundane level, is considered runoy over boards.

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