Eolh Fifteenth runoy is Eolh, indicating phonetically sound [KS] or [Z].

Almost all the runic series, this rune is associated with the notion of "moose, elk horns, and sedge, reed".

According to Old runes poem:
 Osoka, growing in swamps, wounds severely,
           the blood leaves your obagryaya of
           who is eager to catch her thoughtlessly.
The graphic style of this sign reminds Losiny horns, water plant, known as the cane, or "elongated sedge", and "Protection of sign in the form of two crossed hands. Eolh traditionally considered the most severe runoy defense, particularly its beneficial effect in cases where it serves as a barrier so the forces or ambitions, which detects a person, visiting teachers in conflict with itself.

At the mystical level rune Eolh denotes human tendency to higher, esoteric knowledge and the spirit of enlightenment.