Feoh In this system, the rune has the meaning "cattle" and transmits the sound [S]. Cattle in a literal sense, refers to movable property. Runa animals symbolically denotes property that may be sold or exchanged, it is that property that can be traded.

According to the theory of runes, Feoh on the mystical level represents the initial transition from nonexistence to existence, which owes its entire existence suschaya matter.

In material terms Feoh represents the accumulation of power and refers to the ability to manage. This ability or strength of two kinds: physical (herd management, with its paddock, feeding, selling, etc.) and economic (as a consequence of the use of the herd). This symbol Management embodies the responsibility, which imposes upon property rights. Possession of cattle, as well as any manifestation of blagostoyaniya demands of human responsibility: not to incur losses, need to manage wisely. If the owner of the herd tends to waste or unnecessarily PMSS, it soon lost this herd, he will face troubles and learns poverty.

In the modern context Fleece Feoh means money, although it directly with them and are not connected. It is rather about the ability and opportunity to achieve success in the secular (not mystical or magic) plan and the ability to save it.

The old interpretation of caution against parsimony, as well as saying that all the ills of the rich people come from envy. Old runic poem warns:

 Wealth - between Rodichev
                   cause of strife;
                   but the wolf in the meantime
                   teeth the rocks in the forest ambush.