Gweorth The first exclusively nortumbrianskoy runoy is Gweorth, which in this runes row is the thirtieth and phonetically denotes the sound [Q].

Gweorth belongs to the so-called fire runam, a group of runic symbols associated with the element of Fire.
 It rebirth through death
                  their own heat --
said Rune Gweorth Old runic poem.

Graphic symbol of this rune symbolizes vzvivayuschiesya to heaven or dancing tongues of flame ritual fire. Lyrics Fire northern tradition associated with Muspelheymom, the world lying in the south, where "all the lights and burn." At the same time, the tradition of interpreting runes created in VII-VIII century in Denmark and IX, age, probably rooted in the British Isles, linking fire, capable of heat, and burn with ACOM treacherous Loki. Old Mystic interpreted as translated runoy Gweorth as a symbol of purification from the evil temptations asa or mental wounds, what does a man, tempted to Loki, and he went down with the drawn path. Modern runic mysticism sees light in all its forms as a reflection of the sacral home at microcosm.

At the mundane level, and often in divination rune Gweorth could mean a holiday campfire or bonfire funeral.