However, Hagal (in accordance with the nature of the city), there are other, darker side. Ice is also a bridge leading to Hel - underground ownership Hel.

Interpreters, interpreting the mundane level of the runes, often attributed to a negative impact, particularly in conjectural practitioners, which, when ingested Hagal in the distribution of runes see it prognostic any disaster or crisis. However, the negative aspects Hagal seen rather as an unexpected "bad luck" or a failure. The main content is here suddenness and unexpectedness runoy designated events. Besides these events, as, say, hail or any other natural phenomenon, it is not possible either to avoid or evade them. It is impossible, because the events that describes the rune Hagal, are the result of deep-flowing in the outer relative to the human reality, and people are not able to intervene in them. The results of these processes will be impartial and inevitable as human emotions beyond the Supreme Court verdict. This party runes Hagal describes the early processes of mechanical and derived according to certain rules, the processes of creativity of any kind.

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