Hagal The second was called ATT runoy Hagal, which indicates a sound phonetically [N].

Name of the runes in the German language means "hail" (the English "hail", German "Nagel") and the interpretation of its significance is largely due to the benefits or the harm they could bring the draft to man. From the perspective of people I millennium city - is water, the will of powerful forces for a short time, turning into ice. These sharp stones falling from the sky, capable of destroying crops or property, however, after the damage is, they are melting, turning into quite harmless and even good moisture.

In theory, runes Hagal - one of the most difficult, most loaded with mystical meanings rune. Repeatedly mentioned that, at some considerable nortumbriysky druidskie influenced by the teachings of the Celts, possibly in connection with this it does not Futhark secular interpretation of such a heavy runes, protecting it from action uninitiated, and just took it that it points to the postponement of something or whether this deferral is.

At the mystical level Hagal considered the embodiment of perfect crystals of ice, the primary grain structure of the world, as well as (probably due to the ability of the city to change its status, turning into water), the primary grain transformation. Runa Hagal incredibly important in terms of the mysticism of the North who believe that the entire universe is built according to certain sacred geometry and ice crystals, embodied this runoy, formed just as a reflection of the geometry. In addition, as the rune Is, Hagal is runoy ice, the fifth element in the tradition of the northern mysticism.

Then, by virtue of their position Fleece Hagal nortumbriyskom in a row, as in all other Futharkh, associated with the number 9, the most mystical of the northern tradition, and therefore considered to be the mother of runes, or maternal runoy. How sacred rune and rune transformation Nagal embodies the link between Midgardom (the middle world, dwelling rights) and the world of heaven, represented in the mythology of the North home asov Asgagd. More mystical tradition includes runu Hagal under the patronage Heymdalya, deaf asa protecting the approaches to the Asgagd. Dolni' world is linked to the North mountain bridge Bivrest (Raduzhny Bridge ").

However, Hagal (in accordance with the nature of the city), there are other, darker side. Ice is also a bridge leading to Hel - underground ownership Hel.

Interpreters, interpreting the mundane level of the runes, often attributed to a negative impact, particularly in conjectural practitioners, which, when ingested Hagal in the distribution of runes see it prognostic any disaster or crisis. However, the negative aspects Hagal seen rather as an unexpected "bad luck" or a failure. The main content is here suddenness and unexpectedness runoy designated events. Besides these events, as, say, hail or any other natural phenomenon, it is not possible either to avoid or evade them. It is impossible, because the events that describes the rune Hagal, are the result of deep-flowing in the outer relative to the human reality, and people are not able to intervene in them. The results of these processes will be impartial and inevitable as human emotions beyond the Supreme Court verdict. This party runes Hagal describes the early processes of mechanical and derived according to certain rules, the processes of creativity of any kind.

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