Lagu Twenty-first runoy considered Fleece Lagu, indicating phonetically sound [L].

This rune describes water in all its many manifestations, but primarily it comes to running water, the water of rivers and streams. Old runic poem said:
 LAND homester alarming water,
         when they go to sea,
         and on the waves of the sea horse neposlushen line.
At the mundane level, put the water rune Lagu appears in the role of mediator, which is committed by a motion or transformation.

Those who work with nortumbriyskim number, see Lagu clear manifestation of the law of unity of opposites: while the man can not exist without water, the water could exist only a very short time. Since Lagu refers first and foremost about the exact water movement is seen as running between the river banks, and as a permanent change in marine tidal.

At the mystical level, indicating running water rune symbolizes forever changing the nature of existence. However, apart from the rapid flow, Lagu stands still and the water drops leaking through the sand and earth, entering into any slot, dolbyaschuyu over a century stones. Then, with Lagu at nortumbriyskoy runes system theme associated plant leeks, sprouts of which are known unwavering vigor with which they break out of the ground. In this aspect, Lagu embodies a rock because of the development and growth has not stand there and be practitioners of the runes number is understood as a fundamental property of matter.