Man Twentieth runoy a Man, phonetically indicating [M].

Name this runes sign of many Germanic languages translates as "man", but the contents of the runes a lot more. Fleece Man interpretations nortumbriyskogo Futhark describes the man as such and not necessarily a man. It is anticipated that this rune refers to human beings in general, stressing the major attribute of human nature, which nalichestvuya in each individual, whether man, woman or child who identifies him as a man.

Old runic poem says:
 I am happy the one who loved family
           its unity with them is aware
           but he is mortal, and destined to part,
           more than death, the painful separation.
At the mundane level of Man indicates particle common experience community or family, which becomes a separate individual, conscious of its uniqueness, on the one hand, and the inability to express the uniqueness of its outside with other people - on the other.

Mystical interpretation runes Man, based on its graphical style, see it as a reflection of the archetype of human being. Since the time of the earliest cultures people see themselves as though tiny, but the reflection of society, peace and space. According to the ancient notion of man as a microcosm, Fleece Man is on the mystical level of accumulating all the human and social experience, not having that person is not able to realize it was founded in a personal capacity.