Nyd Tenth runoy considered Nyd with phonetic value of [N], and the contents of the runes in Old traditions formed around the concept of "need".

Runa Nyd describes all aspects of this notion, which may include, and the desire, and irrepressible thirst, and completely normal sensation needs, which is caused by lack of something necessary.

Old runic poem follows describes the obsession with the desire to buy anything:
 Will has created the world, and the power of its cast in Nyd.
          This is - starvation will create and own,
          lust for power and split,
but the last, well-to-Needless to say so:
 bandage styanet need to close the chest,
          but she is able to turn back and help,
          if in time look to it to draw.
Interpretation of the second part of the poem runes suggests that there is an opportunity to get rid of the need or the opportunity to be able to open most of the needy.

Nortumbriyskaya tradition believes that the rune Nyd there is a call for caution, because people should be masters of their desires and needs, not vice versa. And in order to master their passions, do not need the knowledge itself. Modern practices prefer to interpret this call as follows: do not fight the flow inherent in every human being a reflection of the source of Urd, but his forces should not divide in vain, and be used constructively.

Scandinavian legend says that a giant named Narva daughter, black and gray from birth, which is called the Nott, and which was the order of Vseottsa on chariot land. Nick Nott phonetically close to the name of the tenth Futhark runes, but it is not known whether there is any semantic relationship between these two names.