Odhal Twenty-third runoy worth rune Odhal, indicating phonetically sound [O].

In its direct meaning of the term "odal" means the inalienable land, ie estate or land, which is in the possession of the genus, and which is not subject to any sale or exchange, or partition. In Frisian such land called "Eeyeneerd", ie "own land", "your edge". Old runic poem calls her "home":

 No man on earth,
               millions who do not have a shelter home,
               where prosperity reigns in peace,
               lavishly celebrating frequent harvests.
At the mundane level Odhal embodies characteristics of community and belonging, associations, tribal heritage, and can not be clearly defined, but nonetheless real family qualities, which are transmitted from generation to generation. On the other hand, reflecting the way of a closed family "odalya" rune of the same name and is resisting this way any interference with it from outside. Often Fleece Odhal became a symbol of resistance to arbitrary and konungov and Convivir Vikings, which attempted to provide "full bonds, owners of large odaley.

Runa Odhal virtually all systems considered manticheskih runoy rather secular, material than the spiritual, mystical plan. Looking Odhal in terms esoterics, nortumbriyskogo Futhark commentators interpret it as runu heritage and integrity of the human person.