Os Phonetically, the sound passes Os [O], and the value is close to the As. Os means "speech, his mouth and is runoy on inspiration.

Old runic poem tells about the Rune following:
Fleece and
 skald sagas, a visionary, creator,
      Os - if the wind break raincoat, inspired speech
      or whistling in the dark, fear of the night to drive away.
Mystery of the Millennium believed that runu "inspirational speech" runoy magician and magicians. In Northumbria and Mercia, where he created, in essence, nortumbriysky Futhark, there was a tradition of magic, not so much different from the Scandinavian tradition. If in the Nordic countries believed that the greatest strength has paternoster, runic signs which are cut on a tree, or even better on the broken stone, the same colored blood created them erilya, the British Isles much validity attributed paternoster interpretation. At first glance between the two traditions little controversy, but it is not. In the first case of magic power was attributed by the runam and deed erilya or skald was known of their nature and entered their volshboy, skillfully apply labels and awakens their forces. In the second focused on personal power and ability of the person who creates paternoster. This is determined and the different approaches to magic: in the Scandinavian countries, one could try to learn the magic of runes, then in Scotland and Wales, there were special schools and the Druid bards, such as the famous school of the Order of bards in Glamorgane where Druids carefully selected for future students. Based on this runu Os can be understood as runu magic words.