Sigel Sixteenth rune marks phonetically sound [S].

The value of the runes ambivalent, it means the sun, and a victory. As the solar runoy ", Sigel symbolizes strength holy heavenly body and embodies the life-giving properties of sunlight.

Old runic poem explains it well:
 Sun vzoshedshee always mean hope
        but take heed to call for a Sigel,
        storms, the dark forces, first in the soul not utishiv.
        Sigel spiritual power hundredfold increase,
        but instead of luck and joy Sich, shadow and decay
                                      await unwary.
This rune was considered very favorable for a talisman, and in order to volshby. How very powerful magic rune, Sigel interpretation on a secular level are rare and few and far between. Usually refers to only that Sigel denotes all-conquering brilliance of sunlight.

At the mystical level, this rune indicates a vision, clear vision and inner commitment to achieving the goal. In symbolic terms represents a conscious Sigel magic will beneficial to itself around the world. In addition, this rune represents a certain spiritual quality, which gives force to resist the powerful onslaught of death and destruction.

It is believed that, glorifying the victory of light over darkness, rune Sigel able to bring the power of the sun for healing and progress towards finding the hidden knowledge.