Stan Thirty-second runoy is Stan, phonetically sound transmission [St] and means "stone".

At a broader level, Stan can be interpreted as a sign of the stone in any form or by any properties of the stone, but on the mundane level, this rune serves, as a rule, to designate a separate boulders, cobblestones, or pebble. However, its sign can also be used to describe the "pebble" or chips, which are used in traditional games on the board.

Regardless of what kind of stone, or what shape the stone describes Fleece Stan on mundane level, the level, it embodies the mystical relationship between the forces of the earth, the human forces and the sky. This interpretation is also possible to catch the Celtic influence, as opposed to the Scandinavian tradition, delivshey the existing universe of nine (in other versions of ten parts), Druids divides it into three levels.

The practical content of runes Stan, important especially in divination, has described her own name: boulder may obscure way, but may provide even and safe, but a temporary refuge from the chase or impending enemy. Similarly, the rune Stan is able to provide a reliable defense (as in the present in one form or another in all the European cultures, saying: "As a stone wall") and become an obstacle to achieving the goal. It is interesting that in order to circumvent this obstacle, it is necessary to coition path, the latter also requires prudence and perseverance necessary in order to take the shotgun, the workaround for the truth and return to the original way.