Thorn Phonetically, the sound [th]. Rune embodies resilience and protective shipa. Thorn is a protective device which can act as a passive (as in, say, spikes, defended the board of vikingskih drakkarov) and active (spikes in the Scandinavian billboards that are used to pierce the shield of the opponent).

Old runic poem states that:
 Thorn dangerous Oster,
                 uzhalit pain seized him;
                 thorns are terrible for all,
                 who fall for them.
Mythological level Thorn embodies features legendary hammer Melnira. Melnir The word comes from the same Indo-European root as the Russian word "lightning". Melnir is an attribute of the god Thor, protector Asgagd. Graphic runes has some similarity with the hammer.

In mystical terms, this rune is understood as the embodiment of force, which is opposed to anything that threatens the natural order of things. In other mystical interpretations Thorn is a symbol of creative energy masculinity, beyond interference from outside the productive principle. With regard to the latter allegation, the Anglo-Scandinavian mystery connected with this runu Freire, the Scandinavian god of fertility.