Tir Seventeenth rune, as in other runic series, which opens the third ATT is called Tir and transmits sound phonetically [T].

Name runes associated with the name of the god of victory Tyurom (Tire).

Tir is the first in atte called on her behalf, is also true with the court.

Old runic poem describes this as follows runu:

 Tyur - Obereg noble people,
     that holds true place, never in the dark not teryayas.
     Tyura to help us take, bring justice sword.
At the mundane level rune Tir embodies the ability to secure strong leadership, not without reason in the Danish runes poem it reads as follows:
 star guiding your path to specify in the night.
        The power of the cold iron stay true to yourself.
In addition, a set of values associated with this runoy, is the notion of sacrifice, or sacrifice, what strebuet from the leader of the management in accordance with law. This concept is reflected in the Legend of the Junior Eddy Fenrire and putah Gleypnir. Fenrira nurtured at Asa Tyur only dare to feed him. "And when the gods saw how quickly it grew from day to day - all the same prophecy said that he was born to destroy them - they decided to make krepchayshuyu circuit. However, this circuit and the following wolf easily broken. Then Odin commanded dumb Carlo in the land of black Alva produce tie-up, called Gleypnir. Six sutey connected to them were: the noise the cat's steps, a women's beard, the roots of the mountains, Bear vein, Wolf rybe breath and saliva. " Feeling dirty trick, Fenrir was not to be bound by these putami until Tyur a pledge of honesty asov not put his hand in the mouth. Jess Gleypnir stood, but trying to escape, wolf nip Tyuru hand. Clarifying the content of runes, this story points to the inextricable link between success and necessary for the success of the victim.

Esoteric disclosed the contents of the runes are usually based on its style. "This boom, rune Tir indicates that to achieve maximum results it is necessary to the efforts and energy in the door track.