Wyn Eighth runoy considered Wyn, which transmits sound phonetically [W].

This is the last rune first Atta. The creators of this runes number felt that, by recalling the form of wind vane, Wyn rune represents the joy of harmony. It refers to the ability to maintain the harmony, or to remain in harmony with the flow of events, as well as the vane rotates under the gusts of wind or storm light breath of wind.

Old runic poem passes as follows:
 abide all the joy,
                  who closed for mourning.
                  Grief turned into an award,
                  if she know the price.
The creators of this Futhark thought that mystical level Wyn rune means a middle ground, a facet of equilibrium, which should strive to open a path to further learning. Achieving this balance means the release of his mind and his luck from the dual tyranny of misery and lack of excessive affluence, learn the true price of both. It should be noted here that it is not so much about material wealth, how about the passions and aspirations of man.

At the mundane level Wyn rune symbolizes performance desires and aspirations, achieving prosperity through sound and sustained effort man. In a society at the turn of the Millennium I, the individual to achieve this, it was quite difficult because not only wealth but also the lives of every individual for the hanging of family, clan or team. Therefore runu Wyn considered runoy partnerships, common goals and aspirations.