Yr This rune phonetically transmits sound [Y].

Meaning it is the notion of onions, which allowed the arrows.

As is well known in Northern and Western Europe, the best fighting and hunting bows made of yew. It is a tree, in both the northern and in the Celtic tradition, reading mystic. First of all, all occurring on the European continent evergreen yew trees is the most durable. The magic rod of yew, cut at the proper time, can provide protection against all paste. In Shakespeare's Macbeth, which, with careful reading can be a guide to the magic of Scotland and northern England, refers to "tisovaya spill, removal of an hour lunar eclipse".

Red yew berries, brightly out from the dull colors of northern winter, is also linked to the secret of life and death, but also with apples Idunn. The younger Edda tells that the goddess Idunn, wife of Asa poetry Braga, "keeps his lartse apples. They should try the gods, once they get on, and then they immediately pomolodeyut, and so until the end of the world".

It is believed that the mystical level rune Yr, its graphical form resembling a bow, embodies the creative forces and plans.

At the mundane level, thanks to its graphical form, Yr rune stands for safety and personal protection, proper assessment of its position (in the proper place in due course) to get a bow in the goal, that is a true effort to achieve the chosen goal. < br />