Represents hope, the arrival of spring, good luck.

In China, means the daring, danger, loyalty, future success, positive change.

In Christianity, the swallow - the symbol of resurrection, because, coming back with the arrival of spring, it brings new life.

Do Egyptians swallows focus on Isis as the Great Mother. They are "eternal Northern Star" (Pyramid Texts), flying over the river of life.

In Greco-Roman tradition lastochka devoted Aphrodite (Venus).

In heraldry, it is portrayed as a Martlet, Merlett or Merlot, and a symbol of the younger sons who do not have their land.

The Japanese swallow personifies and infidelity, and commitment to the house; mothering.

In the art is associated with waves and ivami.

In Cretan art appears in connection with the cult of the Great Mother.

In Sumero-Semitic tradition swallow - the character and appearance of the goddess Nina as the Great Mother.