The numbers in numerology

"Numerology is the only extended study of vibration, and the numbers from 1 to 9 represent the full cycle of vibration. We live in a world of vibrations, and each creature is born, has its own individual vibration, different from all others."
< br /> The universe seems numerology giant musical instrument with countless strings. The strings vibrate at different frequencies. There are nine main levels of vibration - nine notes issued by an instrument - which assigned numbers from 1 to 9. Each string represents a tool person, place or some thing. Each vibrates with its own frequency, emitting a faint sound, joining the other sounds of strings, the sum of which creates a common note that at this particular moment it sounds Universe.

The name reflects the rights inherent in his "note" as a name which has preserved the essence of a human being. But, in addition, a person is under the strong influence of his birth, as well as the overall tone of vibration the universe inevitably an impact on his destiny and character.

Number 1
Man with the number 1:

Number 2
Man with the number 2:

Number 3
Man with the number 3:

Number 4
Man with the number 4:

Number 5
Man with the number 5:

Number 6
Man with the number 6:

Number 7
Man with the number 7:

Number 8
Man with the number 8:

Number 9
Man with the number 9: