It has a solar or lunar value. As a solar symbol, it represents the masculine principle. The white boar was the moon and the female, reflecting the principle of water as the habitat in the marshes.

Boar symbolizes fearlessness, lust and gluttony.

A Celtic Boar -. Sacred animal possessing supernatural (prophetic and magical) abilities. It helps in the war, protects the warrior.

The symbol of hospitality. It is associated with dogs and magical forces, as well as with the tree, wheel, crows and a human head. Wild boar is dedicated tugging. Sacred fire was called "boar forest."

The head of a wild boar symbolizes health and stores of danger; gives life force contained in the head, can bring abundance and good luck next year. Wild boar with bears represent the spiritual and secular power of the world.

In China, wild boar symbolizes wealth of forests, wild boar is considered a white moon.

In Christianity, boar symbolizes brutality, furious anger, evil, carnal sins cruel princes and rulers.

Druids called a boar, probably because of eremitic life, they were in the woods.

In Egypt, a wild boar - the evil; attribute Seth in his tifonicheskom aspect when he swallows the eyes of God Day.

In Greco-Roman tradition of wild boar is dedicated to Ares (Mars), and symbolizes the struggle and the destruction after the assassination of Adonis and Attisa embodying virtue of the Sun - the winter. Vepr who kills Adonis, dedicated to Aphrodite. Murder Kalidonskogo boar was the assassination of winter and the coming of solar power Spring. Wild boar is also an attribute of Demeter and Atalanta. Heracles captured Erimanfskogo a wild boar.

Do Jews boar - an enemy of Israel, destroying vine.

In the heraldic sense, wild boar - one of four animals symbolizing lust.

In the third incarnation of Vishnu Hindu Vary or Pradzhapati, in the form of boar save the earth from chaos, and waters for the first time the land. Vepr also represents the vajra-vrahi - the goddess of dawn and Tsarina of Heaven, the source of life and fertility. In Zendaveste "shining boar is associated with the Sun.

The Japanese white boar symbolizes the moon, as well as bravery, conquest and military prowess. In Mycenae warriors wore helmets with wild boar tusks.

In Scandinavia and Teutones boar symbolizes fertility and crops, animals and storms associated with burial. Helmets and masks boar soldiers passed under the protection of Freya and Frey. Gold boar bristles Frey, Gulliburstin - is the sun.

In the Siberian wild boar symbolizes courage, tenacity, winning, all military prowess.

In Sumero-Semitic tradition of winged boar killed Tammuz. Vepr may Envoy gods.

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