It is highly complex and universal symbol.

Snake and dragon often used interchangeably, as in the Far East between them makes no difference. The symbolic significance of polyvalent snake.

It may be a male and female, as well as samovosproizvoditsya. As a creature kills it means death and destruction, as a creature, periodically changing the skin - the life and resurrection.

Coagulated rings serpent is identified with the cycling events. This is the beginning of the solar and lunar, life and death, light and darkness, good and evil, wisdom and blind passion, healing and poison, curator and destroyer, the revival of spiritual and physical.

Phallic symbol, fecundating male power, "the husband of all women, the presence of the snake is almost always associated with pregnancy. Snake accompanies all female deities, including the Great Mother, and is often portrayed in their hands or obvivsheysya around them. In doing so, the snake becomes female qualities, such as mystery, mystique and intuitively, and it symbolizes the unpredictable, because suddenly appear and suddenly disappear.

The snake was considered to be androgynous, and was the emblem of all samoporozhdayuschih gods, symbolizing fertility, is also due to land. It is a symbol of sun, chthonic, sex, death and a symbol display of power at any level, the source of all the potential in the material sphere, and the spiritual are closely linked with the concept of life and death. As the snake lives under the ground, it is in contact with the underground world and has access to the forces, omniscience and magical dead. Chthonic serpent - this is a manifestation of the aggressive forces of the gods and the underground world of darkness. It is widely regarded as a source of initiation and rejuvenation, and "mistress of the subsurface." In its chthonic serpent hypostasis hostile sun and all the sun and the spiritual forces, symbolizing the dark forces in man. In doing so, the positive and negative are in the beginning of the conflict, as in the case of Zeus and Tifona, Apollo and Pithon, Osiris and Seth, eagle and snakes, etc. .

It also symbolizes the inherent instinctive nature, the tide of vital force, uncontrolled and undifferentiated, potential energy, inspiring the spirit. This is the intermediary between heaven and earth, between the land and the underground world. The snake is associated with heaven, earth, water, and in particular the Cosmic Tree.

In addition, it is cloud dragon darkness and guardian of the treasures. Snake can symbolically represent the sun's rays, the path of the sun in the sky, lightning and power of water, a feature of all river deities.

Snake - this knowledge, strength, guile, subtlety, cunning, dark, evil and decay, as well as the tempter. "This is rock, fast as a misfortune, unhurried, as a reward, inscrutable as fate." In the context of cosmology the snake - it is the original ocean, from which everything arises and to which all returns, undifferentiated primordial chaos. It can serve as backbone of the peace or maintain it, or the environment, becoming uroborosa - a symbol of cyclicity and reverse acquisitions. Apparent snake - it is only a manifestation of the root of corruption, timeless invisible Great Spirit, the owner of all natural forces, or the spirit of vitality. This is the god of the early cosmogony, who later served as the starting point for more psihologichnyh and spiritual interpretations.

Snakes or dragons - this is the threshold of the guard, temples, treasures, esoteric knowledge, and all lunar deities. They produce a storm, and control forces of water, surrounded by water itself, the pregrazhdaya their way, then, on the contrary, bringing water to humans. They cry out with all kinds of spells dead, crossing the waters of death. As a creature that can move without the assistance of the legs or wings, the snake symbolizes the pervasive spirit of the substance, penetrating deep into the crevices and chimneys - the inner human nature and conscience. The face of a snake can be a mask for evil forces, for example, witches and witches, symbolizing the malevolent and sinful side of nature. Sol niger ( "black sun") is associated with the dark forces of the snake. Heavenly Snake as Chinese Blue Dragon, a symbol of the rainbow. Both of them form a bridge from this world to another.

Child, plays with snake - a symbol of renewed paradise, free from hatred and the end of perishable world. Such symbolism is lion, lying next to the lamb. Snake, coagulated or hub rings, a symbol of cyclical phenomena, as well as the hidden force, dynamism, capacity for good or evil. When she turned around an egg, it could represent the spirit of the life of incubation; uroborosa; force waters that surround the earth.

Snake, obvivshayasya around a tree or any other "axis" symbol means the awakening of a dynamic force, the spirit of all growing, anima mundi, cyclical existence. If a snake appears next to the tree of life, it is a favorable sign. But if in the tree of knowledge - it is malicious and personifies evil poison peculiar world of phenomena. Snake, obvivshayasya around women (or the Great Mother Goddess of Moon), it is a sunny character, together they represent the ratio of male and female. It is believed that the head of the snake (like the toads) is a jewel, and that it holds the treasures and magic rings. When a snake appeared near the Eagle or deer, the latter symbolizing the sun, clear light, and the snake - the darkness, all undeveloped and chthonic, but they represent the outer unity, universality, the conflict between them - dualism, splitting into pairs of opposites and the war of heavenly forces with chthonic.

Eagle is often depicted holding the serpent in the jaws, and deer - breach of its hoofs, which symbolizes the victory of good over evil, light over darkness, the heavenly over the earthly and spiritual forces of the transient. Fiery serpent - this is the beginning of the sun, cleansing, transformation of the earthly state and beyond its limits. The snake as a belt or bracelet symbolizes the eternal cycle of centuries, the continuity, the cycle of decay and the new integration.

Diaper on the back of the snake symbolizes the phallic serpent and the woman's vulva as a unity, duality, and the reunification of the sun and moon, male and female, reconciliation of opposites, androgina.

The snake's head ram - an attribute of gods with horns and fecundating symbol of strength and fertility. Wave bending snake or dragons represent the cosmic rhythm, or force of water.

Winged snakes or dragons are the sun and symbolize the unity of spirit and matter, the connection eagle and snakes and all the opposites, in addition, an accelerated understanding.

The two snakes symbolize the dualistic pair of opposites, in the end together. If they wind a tree or stick it turbinal cycles of nature, the two solstice, a pair of the fundamental forces of downsizing and expand, alchemical principle of "solve et coagula". At the caduceus (see), they represent the forces of healing and homeopathic poison, sickness and health, "nature can conquer nature." If they ball with each other, it is time and fate, two great binding force. Two snakes or two of the dragon, jump into each other's tail, meant that, apparently contradicting each other, the forces and things in the realm of duality, in fact, arise from the same source. Reptile Eggs symbolize rebirth, and the snake eyes without a century - vigilance and wisdom. The snake is often kept in the mouth the fruit or herbs of immortality. The symbolic importance of snakes is sometimes close to symbols of the bull and ram embodying phallic, fecundating and showing force. The snake, a rainbow, quench their thirst in the sea, known in France, Africa, India and the American Indians.

In Africa, the serpent - the emblem of imperial power, immortality chariot, the embodiment of the dead.

In addition, the celestial serpent is identified with the Rainbow and a surrounding land, or a guardian of treasures, or the spirit of thunder, associated with lightning. Snake-rainbow tires their thirst at sea. Snake may be cultural heroes, or mythical ancestor, teach a person blacksmith trade and cultivation of cereals. Connected with water and fertility. There are also the cult of the sacred python.

In the alchemy of a serpent on a pole - it is fixing volatile mercury subordination vitality. Snake, propolzayuschaya through the range, mean alchemical fusion.

In American Indian snake - the essence of thunderous, lightning, rain, vehicle, enemy thunderous birds, moon, and magic power, the gods of war spear. The symbol of eternity and the harbinger of death. Horned serpent - this is the spirit of water, its fecundating force. Snakes - intermediaries between humans and the lower world. Great Manita takes shape of a snake with horns, which he spit frog or Dark Manita, ie evil.

In Australian aboriginal snake personifies masculine principle, the zipper. The presence of the snake is associated with pregnancy.

In Aztec feathered serpent (a combination of birds and snakes quetzales) - this is the sun, the spirit, the strength of the ascent, rain, wind, thunder and lightning, the initial movement of wind and water, breath of life, knowledge, eastern region. He is accompanied by all the gods of rain and wind. This is a phallic symbol, an eternal creation, an infinite time, the mediator between God and man. This is the White God, the womb of the black rain that falls, as well as attribute Kettsalkoatlya, but its sunny aspect - attribute zodiac God of Heaven. It becomes a moon, personified Mother Earth, a woman dressed in a skirt of intertwined snakes. Snake may be cultural heroes, or mythical ancestor. Birds of prey, the serpent god of plague, which is born from the blood of humanity, which symbolizes the dismemberment of the original unity and the emergence of a plurality of the world was revealed.

In Buddhism the snake in the center of wheels personifies evil; pig - greed and ignorance, a rooster - a passion in life, but all three together - sin, man was tied to the world illusions. Sometimes the serpent is associated with Buddha, turns into a naga, that at the time of disease and hunger heal.

In the Celtic epic snake is associated with healing waters and springs. The snake with horns or head ram, often found in Celtic and Gallic sacred art, personified the god of fertility and male power. The snake-emblem of Brigitte as the Goddess-Mother. The head of the snake instead of clotted garland - a character bearing the fertility and avert the evil forces.

In China, the snake is rarely different from dragon, and if that happens, it symbolizes the negative, hateful, destructive, false and dodge the beginning, being one of the five poisonous creatures . The brother and sister-FO hi-AMC sometimes portrayed as two snakes with human heads - is one of those rare combinations of symbols in the Chinese animal and human traits. They symbolize the yin and yang, and their value is similar to the symbolism kadutseya. Snake - The sixth animal Twelve Terrestrial Branches.

In Christianity, the snake - ambivalent character: it is Christ as the wisdom, ascension to the tree of life as an expiatory victim, and the devil in his chthonic hypostasis. serpent or dragon - it is Satan, tempter, the enemy of God and member of the Fall. He embodies the forces of evil, destruction, grave, guile and wickedness, evil, and that people must overcome in themselves. Dante equates the serpent with the enemy, but if they wind the tree of life, it is wisdom and good character, but if the tree of knowledge, it is Lucifer and malicious beginning. The snake raised on a cross or a pole - is a prototype of Christ, raised to the tree of life for healing and salvation of the world, obvivshaya cross. Sometimes she is depicted with a woman's head, symbolizing the temptation, and at the base of the cross - the evil. This is a snake is the triumph of Christ over evil and the forces of darkness. In the Christian tradition serpent could change places with dragon, like the Babylonian Tiamat. Christian Satan - is "the great dragon, the ancient serpent called the devil and Satan" (Otkr. 12, 9). Good serpent can be seen in the iconography of rising from the chalice of John. Evil serpent - this is Satan, the dragon apocalypse. Tertullian argues that Christians are called Christ's "Good Zmiem. Virgin broken serpent's head, the temptations of Eve, rather than yield to it. In Egyptian cobra (uraeus) - the supreme symbol of the divine and the imperial power and wisdom, knowledge, gold. APOPO (racer), and Seth, in his capacity as that of his mother with Tifonom - this snake mist, "the demon of darkness, discord and destruction, and, moreover, malicious aspect of the scorching sun. Snakes with a solar disc represent goddesses, expelled the enemies of the sun god Ra. Two snakes - is Nous and Logos. The snake's head lion - protection from evil. Butaw (goddess-serpent) takes shape of the Cobra. horned viper - logo Kerastisa.

In gnosticism snake - author of "Divine Gnosis. Winged snakes World Light represents knowledge and enlightenment, if it is surrounded by halo.

In Greece, the serpent represents wisdom, renewal of life, resurrection, healing, and as such is considered an attribute of Eskulapa, Hippocrates, Hermes and Gigei. Snake - one hypostasis Eskulapa as a rescuer and healer. The life principle, agathos daimon (demon kind) and sometimes - teriomorfny the face of Zeus-Ammon, and other deities. Snake is devoted to Athena as the goddess of wisdom and Apollonian Delphi as the god of light, striking python (Pithon). Apollo not only saves the sun from the forces of darkness, but also frees the human soul inspiration and light of knowledge.

In the mysteries associated with the snake deities of the Savior, and, moreover, is connected with the dead, in particular, with the dead heroes. Life, or the beginning of the soul leaving the body in the guise of a snake, and the souls of the dead can reincarnate into snakes. The snake - a symbol of Zeus-Htoniusa also phallic symbol, sometimes depicted obvivsheysya around the egg - the symbol of vitality, yet embodies the passions that give vitality top male and female. A woman with snakes instead of hair, like Erin, Medusa, embodies the power of magic and divination, wisdom and cunning snake. Two huge snake sent Apollo abused, strangled Laocoon and his two sons. The three snakes on the bib of Agamemnon are identified with the celestial snake - a rainbow. Snakes are Bacchante.

In Jewish tradition, the snake represents evil, art, sin, sexual passion, the soul of convicts Sheole. Bronze serpent Moses - homeopathic principle "similar treatment like": Leviathan-snakes depths. Yahweh methane "tortuosity of the serpent" (or "rapid scorpion") - lightning (Job, 26:13). Adam Kadmon in the Kabbala is portrayed as a man, holding by the neck straightened snake.

In Hinduism snake - Shakti, nature, space power, chaos, formless, implicit, expression of Vedic Agni-fire, fierce snake. " Black snake symbolizes the potentiality of the fire. As Kalia, defeated Krishna, dancing on his head, the serpent is evil. Cobra Vishnu symbolizes the mountain and, as such, means knowledge, wisdom and eternity. As cosmic ocean of Vishnu sleeps on the serpent coagulated on the surface of primary water, which symbolizes the ocean, chaotic, nepolyarizovannoe condition prior to creation. Bound bodies of two of its already Nagov represent fertile waters of the union is born the Earth goddess - a symbol of earth and water at the same time. Ananta - tysyachegolovy ruler snakes - is infinite, unlimited, fertility, and its ring of wind base axis world. Plenitel Vritra water - this is the underground darkness, absorbing water and causing a drought, and choker Ahi is the triceps snake, kills Indra, who shot his lightning relieves the water again. Intertwined snakes - chthonic character. Two snakes, moving one up and one down, symbolizing the Divine Son and Divine Awakening in the days and nights of Brahma. Nag and Nagano are the king and queen, or spirits, often under the present law, divinity, or all of them depict the human face, or in the form of snakes, or as people with head and Cobra hood, or with the heads of the usual snakes, or whether they are above the waist and below the waist have a snake body. They often have the same meaning as dragon in China, bringing rain and vitality of water, fertility and rejuvenation. It guards the threshold, the doors and the treasures, material and spiritual, as well as the water of life, moreover, advocates of cows. Photos them as snake kings and queens are placed under the trees. Protknut head of a snake with a stick, then pressing "fix" it. When laying a Hindu temple ritual that imitates the original act of creation catfish or Indra, conquered the chaos and created order. The snake is sometimes twine Shiva Linga. With elephant, turtle, bull and Crocodile snake can be a pillar of peace and maintain it.

A snake and bird of the Incas - beneficial hypostasis Kettsalkoatlya.

In Iran, the snake - one hypostasis Arimana or Angra Main, Snake of Darkness, a liar. In Persia serpent Azi-Dahak - a "choker", the enemy of the sun god. In Islam, the snake is closely associated with the life and represents an el-hayyah and living el-hyat, as well as El-Hay - one of the most important names of God meaning "ozhivotvorenie", or something that gives life started, that both inform and supports, gives life and life itself is a beginning.

In Japan the snake is an attribute of the god of thunder and lightning storm.

In maniheystve snake - a symbol of Christ.

A Maori snake - earthly wisdom, the one who paves the way to the marshes, irrigation and land development.

In the tradition of the Minoan symbols associated with the snake, played a major role in Crete. There is evidence of existence on the island doisticheskogo worship snakes. Great Goddess, protectress homemaker, is depicted with snakes in their hands. Later snakes are associated with the replacement of its deities.

On ancient coins, the goddess is depicted sitting on a throne under a tree and caress the head of the snake. Symbols of the snake and the tree are closely interrelated. Snake as a symbol of fertility, typical of the cult of the goddess of fertility Ilifii (Eyleyfii). The snake, which saw Poliid, bears herbs that could resurrect the dead. Snake could be reincarnation deceased ancestors, ghosts. Larger snakes on the graves of Mr. Hill meant the burial place of the hero and served as a symbol of resurrection and immortality. Later, the snake represented the god healer Eskulapa.

In Oceania, the snake-Odin from the creators of the world. The presence of snakes associated with pregnancy. Partly it is believed that the Space Snakes live in the ground and eventually destroy the world.

In Rome, the snake associated with the savior-gods and deities of fertility and healing, like Salus. Attribute Minerva as a symbol of wisdom.

In Scandinavia, the serpent Midgard encompasses the whole world in endless meanders of ocean depths. Snake Nidhogg (terrible bite), which lives in the roots of the tree space iggdrazila and keep it gryzuschaya, personifies the forces of evil in the universe.

In Sumero-Semitic traditions of Babylonian Tiamat, "legless", "Snake of Darkness", is depicted as a dragon, is a chaos, nedifferentsirovannost and undivided, cunning and depravity destroyed Marduk - god of the sun and light. Assyro-Babylonian Lakshmi and Lakshami, hypostasis sea-ED - this snake and the snake, give rise to male and female beginning of heaven and earth. Ishtar, as the great goddess, depicted with a snake.

A Phrygian Sabaziya snake - the main attribute. It sent the ritual cult priestess robe drop to the ground by a golden snake "as God through the soul." A goddess of cereals Nidaby snakes get out of the shoulders, the snake is associated with the goddess of the earth, a symbol of the snake-, obvivshaya pole, and with her son - dying god, the images which are often out of the shoulders on both sides rising to serpent. Snake on a pole, esteemed as the god of healing - is often a recurring character in the land of Canaan and Filistii.

Do toltekov god of the sun, looking from the feed the snake symbolizes the sky.

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