Lunar animal, and attribute all lunar deities.

Represents rebirth, the return of youth, as well as intuition and the "light in the darkness".

Very often the hare is associated with the sacrificial fire and life through the death. "

Everywhere, the hare is a symbol of fertility and the embodiment of women's menstrual cycles, a pledge of love, cowardice, seduction, worldly wisdom, speed, agility.

Hare on the Moon appears in the mythology of almost everywhere and, as a lunar animal, along with the dog and the lizards, he serves as an intermediary between man and moon gods.

In the West, the white symbolizes the snow hare, "March Hare" - madness. Faint foot or serve as a talisman against the head witch, but the hare often do you step servant or ally of witches.

In the mythology of the African Hottentot rabbit is associated with the moon.

Do American Indians Great Hare Manabozo - the father and the keeper, creator and transforms the force, amending the animal nature of man. He plays the role of Hero, Savior, Creator, Hero of Dawn, personification of Light. This is a great Manita, living on the moon with her grandmother, "the applicant of all the water, lord of the winds and the brother of snow." Late transformed him from villain to hero suggests a more coherent identity. As a villain, he has a deft and nimble, umeya outwit tupuyu brutal force: he killed the snake, or fish, devouring people.

In Buddhism a Buddha rabbit was moved to the moon, which meant a complete self-sacrifice. When the Buddha was hungry, hare offered himself as the food itself and jumped into the fire. In the Celtic epic hare is considered an attribute of lunar deities and gods of hunting, and the last is often portrayed holding a hare in his hands.

In China the hare - it is Luna, a women's strength of Yin, the wife of the emperor, long life, the fourth beast of the Twelve Terrestrial Branches symbolic animal Buddha. Hare on the Moon with a pestle and mortar, is the elixir of immortality. Hare - keeper of wild animals. White rabbit - it is a deity, red - good luck and successful reign. For lunar celebrations produced a figure of white rabbits.

In Christianity, Hare mean fecundity and lust. White rabbit at the feet of the Virgin Mary is a triumph over lust. Defencelessness hare symbolizes those who rely on Christ.

In Egypt, the hare represents the dawn, the beginning, opening, lifting and frequency. It is the emblem of Toth and associated with the Moon.

In the European tradition of the Easter hare, rabbit or krolichek symbolizes the dawn of a new life, is an attribute of the goddess of the moon with a faint head, apparently, Oestry (the Teuton) or Eostry (from Anglo-Saxon), who gave the name of Easter and Easter. For this reason, the Easter hare symbolizes rebirth, the resurrection as well as the birth of new moon. Easter rabbit postpones an Easter egg.

In Greco-Roman symbolism of the Easter rabbit symbolizes fertility, promiscuity. Hare-animal-envoy and the attribute of Hermes (Mercury) and Aphrodite and Eros. Cupid is often depicted with a hare.

Do Jews hare - impure animal. The Indian and Buddhist art of the hare appears to incomplete moon.

In Scandinavian mythology hare serve Frey.

A Teuton goddess of the moon, Holda and Jarque, or Harfa always appear in the company of rabbits, which have the following for their torches.

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