Krasnyy Red - the color of England, I can not make his presentation.

Napoleon Bonaparte

The red color symbolizes the blood, fire, anger, war, revolution, the strength and courage. In addition, red - the color of life. Prehistoric man aspergillum object, which would revive, the blood. In ancient Rome, the color red symbolized divinity. It is the color of nobility, patrician and emperors of Rome. The symbol of supreme power, which later moved to the Cardinal. After the victory of the Roman commander painted face (in honor of Mars) in the red. The red flag in the British Navy has been operating since the 17 th century and symbolizes the "call to battle." The red flag was used during the Paris Commune 1817g in our country during the uprising of 1905, the revolution of 1917 and the next few decades. The term "red" is often used in relation to the Communists. Red - the color of anarchy. Supporters of the Italian national leader Giuseppe Garibaldi (1807-1882) called "krasnorubashechnikami" as a sign of defiance to the authorities wore red shirts. Red Rose - a symbol of love and beauty. The phrase "red day of the calendar" comes from the custom to mark the days of the saints and other religious dates in red ink. This color is used for alerts (eg road signs). County where brothels, the area is called "red light", because these lights before hanging in front of such establishments.