The magic runes
The use of runes in magic, divination runes on. The history of the appearance, the interpretation of runes.

The ANC, the Celtic cross, Greek cross, the cross of the Crusaders, Maltese Cross, Scandinavian Cross and others.

Astrology and zodiac signs

Color Symbolism
The section devoted to the color symbolism. Despite the fact that the flavor and color of comrades there, symbols of the different peoples of color is similar.

Symbols numbers
All the peoples of the world attached great importance to numbers. Each number has its own personality. The values of numbers in numerology.

Symbolism plants
The section devoted to symbolism of plants. The language of flowers.

Symbols animals
Symbolism of animals from mice to elephants.

Mythical substance
Symbolism of mythical creatures: dragon, unicorn, phoenix and other

Symbolism death
The death of Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, philosophy, theosophy, ethics, aesthetics, psychology, biology, physics and quantum mechanics.

Geometric symbols
Pentagram, a spiral...

Modern Symbols
Car symbols , weddings. What gifts to give at a wedding anniversary.

Druid Horoscope, Flower Horoscope, horoscope ancient ariev.