The Symbolism of plants

Because apricot autogamous plant, it symbolizes androginnost.

In the countries of the Mediterranean means life, immortality, a departure from the active cases as well as platonic love. Since this plant has a white or red flowers, it means life and death, death and rebirth. Its thorns means horns growing moon.

Means, on the one hand, the bitterness, but with a different - honesty and wisdom. Devoted to Jupiter and Zeus.

Barhatnik - legendary unfading flower. The symbol of immortality, faith, fidelity, constancy in love.

In Europe, these flowers symbolize memory, thought and thought.

Flower orange tree symbolizes fertility, so Saracenic bride wore it as a sign of fertility.

In American Indian symbol of feminine, lunar, night life, along with top hrizotamnusom who represents the beginning of manhood, and the solar day.

The tragic flower grows out of the bloody tears, spillage boy, turning a cruel stepmother in the parrot.

I mean the Chinese beauty, charm, modesty, humility and elegance.

The symbol of elegance, permanence, flexibility and plasticity, good education, a long friendship, longevity and flowering age (continuous green). Bamboo represents the perfect person, who might be tempted to storm, but then rises again.

Marigold. Mean fidelity.

The symbol of fertility and light. Protects against witches, repel evil spirits, so lazy and somnambulist fed birch porridge.

In the European tradition is considered the flower fairies, apotropaichen. The wreath of hawthorn flowers in May - a sign of virginity, chastity, or miraculous virgin conception.

The symbol of prosperity and deification. Dedicated to Zeus.

In Europe, this plant is a symbol of witchcraft, magic and power of spirits. Twig elder put on Valpurgievu night.

Refers to the challenge, asceticism, vindictiveness, misanthropy. Food donkeys.

The Oak - symbol of longevity, wisdom, strength and endurance. Oak is dedicated to Zeus, the Torah, Peruna and...

Symbolizes courage, integrity and honesty. In Chinese symbolism is elected, and patience. In Greek mythology and the spruce deals Panou Vodanu. See also pine.

Fig tree
Fertility, life, peace, prosperity. Fig tree represents the Tree of Knowledge at times, and combines the symbols of both male and female principles as the fig leaf has the male symbol lingama and fig - female yoni symbols.

In European culture sunny flower or herb symbolizes eternal love and affection. Dedicated to Apollo and Klitii.

The red carnation means admiration, marriage and passionate love, pink - the tears of the Virgin Mary and motherhood; white - pure love; Yellow - denial.

In the Chinese symbols mean autumn, care of the cases, the ease, the cold grandeur, scientists, crop, easy manners, wealth, longevity, something that survives (as withstand the cold).

Zagovorennoe tree on the moon goddess. Weeping willow symbolizes grief, unhappy love. Connected with the funeral.

Mean strength, nobility and integrity.

Phallic symbol, as well as the emblem of death and funeral. It was assumed that cypress can keep the body from decay, hence its use in cemeteries. Crowned by the Sun or Moon, it personifies androgina.

Maple Leaf
In Chinese and Japanese means autumn.

Symbolizes divine triad, triple aspect of the body, soul and spirit.

Lily of the valley
Mean sweetness, virginity and modesty.

Lavr - a symbol of victory, protection, immortality and secret knowledge. Aromatic varieties laurels were koranatsionnoy emblem of Greece and Rome...

Symbolizes purity, peace, resurrection, and royalty. Dedicated to all the virgin Goddess, Mother, Single. In addition, lily represented fertility Goddess of Earth, and then the gods of Heaven.

The language of flowers
To express feelings, which for one reason or another can not be made or written, you can use flowers.

In European culture embodies feminine grace, beauty and happiness.

It is the universal symbol of the east (in the West - a lily or a rose). It has solar and lunar aspects. Means death and life. Appears in the images of gods the Sun in Egypt and India, as well as images of lunar deities Semitic religions. Depicted with the Great Mother Goddess of the Moon.

In Greco-Roman tradition refers persiflage, ill, crazy. It is the emblem of Ares (Mars).

In China, mean self-esteem, show off, spring, women's charm and beauty.

Symbol of the Great Mother, Virgin Mother meaning, overnight. Dedicated to all lunar deities and night. Symbolizes fecundity, fertility, neglect, idleness.

Symbol of the Great Mother, daritelnitsy life. Zagovornoe plant. Emblem Tsirtsei.

In the West, a symbol of innocence and purity. It is considered the emblem of nymphs Belidy. Reflects solar principle, because it is the "eye of the day

Maiskoe tree
Symbolizes the world axis around which the universe revolves. A tree without leaves, symbolizing the change, it becomes the axis-only, or center. Pillar has a phallic symbol, a drive located on top of pillars - a female. United together, they represent fertility. Seven ribbons - the color of the rainbow.

In Greco-Roman mythology, means the protection, confidence and initiative. Dedicated to Hermes (Mercury).

This flower got its name from the Greek god Narcissus. Narcissus differed extraordinary beauty. Once he saw his reflection in the water and died unable to remove the eye. Narcissus - a symbol of selfishness.

Associated with death by fire in the mountains and by evaporation.

Mean immortality, fertility. In the wedding rituals to ensure fertility, peace and abundance (because of its oil is very valuable).

Symbolizes the essence of life, the divine substance, panacea immortality.

Embodies the grandeur, grace and luxury.

Refers to the goodwill and joy; attribute the Sun gods.

Denotes the beginning of the sun, joy, honesty and reputation. Since the palm has always grows straight - a blessing, triumph, victory.

Represents Odinochestvo, sincerity and humility.

China is the male principle, light, glory, love, luck, wealth, spring, youth, happiness, the principle of yang (Odin Janske' of the few colors).

In Europe, symbolizes purity, youthfulness, freshness, from the Celts - the flower fairies.

As the weight of evergreen plants, ivy is immortality and eternal life.

In China, means the self (a kind of student who could not buy the paper, wrote in plantain leaves).

Mean bitterness, frustration and anguish, is dedicated to Ares (Mars).

Symbolizes wisdom, and protection from fairies and magic.

It is very complex character. Ambivalence, because it symbolizes and heavenly perfection and earthly passion, time and eternity, life and death, fertility and virginity.

In China it symbolizes longevity, winter, beauty, purity, otshelnichestvo; immature plum - the pupil. As the plum flowering in the winter, it also embodies the strength, perseverance and triumph. Plum, bamboo and pine - is "three winters".

Openness, vitality, fertility, strength of character, silence, solitude, phallic symbol. Being an evergreen, a symbol of immortality. It was believed that it protects the body from decay, hence the production of her coffin and the presence of its cemeteries; avert evil. Because of its form, a pine cone - at once fiery and phallic symbol, a symbol male creative force, fertility and luck.

Refers to the funeral, grief, sadness.

Tree water.

Trefoil-clover symbolizes the Trinity, the association equilibria, as well as destruction. He fallichen as a male trio, and, as such, may be symbolically replaced by a large sheet of Odin.

Represent the observed time.

Persian symbol of perfect love. The emblem of the Turkish house Osmanov and Holland.

Colors of three stages of ripening, white, red and black, symbolizing the three phases of initiation, as well as the three stages of human life: the color white represents the innocent child, red - the active, mature, black - old age and death.

Specific means of witchcraft.

Like a tree that has flowers before the leaves, cherry symbolizes the fact that people are born into this world naked and naked as it takes the earth.

In Christianity, a symbol of dignity. His height and widely raskinutye branches represent a source of strength and support, which is the Holy Scripture to the faithful.

Sacred Space Tree Iggdrasil Scandinavians. Dedicated, in addition, Zeus (Jupiter). Represents adaptability, wisdom, modesty. Associated also with blood, bryznuvshey after the castration of Uranus. Ash-tree nymphs were neem.

In China, a symbol of femininity, sweetness, grace and attractiveness.