"How does the appearance of the sky at the time of birth determines his human nature? Sky affects the person throughout his life, like the hinges that fasten pumpkin farmer in his field: they do not impede the pumpkin to grow, but they determine its shape. The same can be attributed to the sky - it does not gives human habits, history, happiness, children, wealth or a wife, but it determines his status... "

"Nearly all professional astrologers ignorant, in his subject, as in all others."
Alistair Crowley. "Magic in Theory and Practice"

"We have space together. Cosmos - a huge living body, but we are only a part of it. The sun of great heart, which permeate the slightest tremor of our vessels. Luna - a huge shimmering nerve center, which ever gives us shiver. Who knows what power is over our Saturn or Venus? But it is a powerful force that is constantly streaming through us... And all of this truth, as it was known to people in the distant past, and to realize what they are now approaching ".
D. Lawrence. "Apocalypse"

Planets and stars

Signs of the Zodiac
Zodiac - the band width in the sky at eight degrees from the ecliptic. Ecliptic - the path on which the sun moves through the sky throughout the year. This path intersects with the orbits of the moon and planets (except Pluto), it is divided into 12 zones. Each zone is 30 degrees. Each zone is named after the main constellation located in the zone.