Mythical substance

Versatile and very complex character. Dragon, or "feathered serpent", combines the snake and bird, spirit and matter. At the outset of his symbols was entirely supportive and mean water bearing life (snake), and the breath of life (the bird). He identified with the heavenly gods and earthly representatives - emperors and kings. Subsequently, it became ambivalent symbols, indicating the beneficial rains that follow the storm, and, together with the destructive forces of lightning and floods.

Symbolizes lunar female principle, chastity, purity, virginity, perfect goodness, dignity, strength of mind and body integrity. The merger of the two horns of Odin is the indivisible unity of opposites and power of the sovereign. Unicorn is sometimes depicted on either side of the tree of life, as his guards.

The universal symbol of resurrection and immortality, death and rebirth in the fire. This is a fabulous bird that dies as a result of taking himself as a sacrifice. It remains dead for three days (new moon) and then rises from the ashes.

Fantastic beast with the head and claws eagle, body of a lion, but without wings. Used in heraldry. Symbolizes the sun, sky, zolotyaschiysya light of dawn, and the association properties of an eagle and a lion. As custodian of the treasures, it means vigilance and retribution.

This symbol represented the worst of human nature, his animal nature, combined with a higher nature, human dignity and the capacity to judge, furious, and the good aspects of human nature and the conflict between these opposites. horse represents the male solar power and a foot to the rising spirit of man. This combination of blind forces, and directing spirit.

There are various assumptions as to its symbolism: the wild passions of nature, solar bull, the humidity, miasma, the destruction of solar hero Tese. Labyrinth symbolizes tortuous and dangerous way of life, a thread - a divine instinct in man. The emblem of Crete.

Usually portrayed as a small wingless lizard or dragon, sometimes resembling a dog, bounding out of the flames. Symbolizes element of fire. Animal-fire. Thought to be asexual and therefore meant chastity.