Symbols Animals

Animals symbolize the instinctive life, fertility and abundance; instinctive and emotional impulses that must be curbed before you enter into the spiritual, passive participation and animal nature of people: "it is impossible to find an animal that would not have at least some similarity with the man."

In addition to the eagle, ibis, stork destroy evil is because of reptiles and solar bird. But, as a creature associated with water and fish, it is associated with the waters of creation. "Stork brought" the children of the embryos were in the bosom of Mother Earth and in the waters of creation, and where they are at catching fish storks.

A typical image of a long, perpetual flight and long-distance ocean. Albatross portends bad weather and strong winds. Could be the souls of the deceased sailor container, so extremely dangerous to kill him, because it can bring misfortune.

African Bushmen believe that the deity may appear in the form of antelope.

Embodies the male principle, generate force, creative energy. Connected with the gods of the sun and sky.

In this Chinese lunar animal belongs to the Pole "yin" and means supernatural force, guile and playfulness.

Die Fledermaus
Symbolism bats. In ancient Rome and ancient Greece Bat erroneously attributed the sharp-eyed, she symbolized the vigilance and vision. In Homer souls of the dead had wings Bat...

We Celts protein, shown together with a bird is a symbol of the Irish goddess Medb.

Black thrush
In Christianity, is a temptation to the flesh (the sweet singing and black plumage). In the temptations of St. Benedict the devil is in the form of black thrush.

The symbol of industriousness (pocl. works as beaver ").

Do American Indians and buffalo buffalo mean supernatural power, strength, durability and a whirlwind.

The symbol has a dual meaning. Typically, bull represents the masculine principle, solar regenerative effect on all the celestial gods, as well as fecundity, male productive force, the royal origin.

Solar bird that has much in common with cranes and stork. In addition, a symbol of vigilance and calm. This is a water bird.

Represents water, Moon, Mother Earth, the beginning of creation, time, immortality, fertility, the renewal of nature. Turtle often portrayed in supporting peace. It attributed the beginning of creation and sustaining it as the whole world.

Savior and psihopomp, escort a shower in an underground world, the savior of people shipwrecked king of fish.

The prophetic bird, symbol of magical power, and guardian of the kings of trees.

In the symbolism of Australian Aboriginal plays the role of the Lunar hare, or rabbit, and represents initiation, death and resurrection.

elephant - the symbol of moderation, compassion, eternity, the supreme power. In India, a white elephant is considered to be incarnation of Ganesh (the god with the head of an elephant), the god of...

In Christianity means elodeya, showing evil. Hedgehog steals the bunch just as the devil steals the souls of people.

In China, means light, Jan, virtue, prosperity, luck, beauty.


In Christianity, a symbol of evil. According to St. Augustine, is one of the four aspects of the devil. Deaf adder represents the sinners, who close their ears to the voice of the teachings and words of life.

Its symbolism is similar to the symbolism antelope, deer or goat.

Sometimes equated with the Old Testament hippopotamus.

Symbolizes the spirit of life, the soul, the transition from one state to another, the spirit of light, purity (but in some traditions - the symbol of voluptuousness), innocence, tenderness and peace. Blue dedicate the Great Mother and the Queen of heaven. Then it means femininity and motherhood.

Symbolizes purity, purity (as in winter ermine white), and innocence, but also associated with justice.

Solar (they say that it follows the sun during the migration), a symbol of breath, the wind ( "bird breath"), vigilance, love, a good hostess.

The element of air (assuming it is fed by wind).

Sacred bird toltekov. Jewels Bird. " Food for ritual, days of Thanksgiving and other holidays.

In Aztec mythology, means the forces of darkness in a collision with solar eagle. In the Mexican tradition jaguar - messenger spirits forest.

It has a solar or lunar value. As a solar symbol, it represents the masculine principle. The white boar was the moon and the female, reflecting the principle of water as the habitat in the marshes.

Represents the force of cosmic waters, the resumption of space, as well as personal, as well as absorptive grave. Stomach whale is both a place of death and rebirth.

Do American Indians as a werewolf, and a hero, savior and demiurge. Leads to danger, but, with a lunar character, nasylaet flooding. The spirit of the night and the fox in the beliefs of the Indians of western mountains.

Cote, possessing the ability to change form pupil, a symbol of the changing force of the Sun, as well as the phase of the moon and the splendor of the night. It also means everything is being done by stealth, desire and freedom.

Embodies the courage, an abundance of vitality, creative energy.

In Egypt, Capricorn devoted Seth and Reshepu. Shares symbolism gazelle.

Dedicated to Silvan and Faun, the gods of spring, and replace the dying god in Canaan and Babylon rituals associated with death and resurrection.

Crab symbolizes the retrograde motion of the Sun after the summer solstice. This movement represents the dishonest, untrustworthy, dishonest people, me and moneylenders.

Pozhiratel symbolizing the need to go through death to new life. Crocodile open mouth means the movement against the current exemption from the constraints of the world.

Lunar animal.

Underground dweller from chthonic symbolism, representing the forces of darkness. Symbolizes misanthrope.

Animal plague, divine retribution, symbolizing death, decomposition, underground world.

Kukushka symbolizes spring in Southern Europe, and summer in the northern regions, the Greeks - the marriage dinner. Kukshka - one of the transformations of Zeus, to get Geru.

Represents the reproduction, maternal care, as well as Providence.

Represents fecundity.

Often depicted with a tree of life.

Represents hope, the arrival of spring, good luck.

The Swan
By combining two elements: air and water, Swan is the bird life, and personified the sunset of the day - the Sun.

It has a dual significance, bearing in itself, and solar and lunar symbolism, and personification of goodness and evil. As a symbol the lion represents the solar heat, brilliance and strength of midday sun, the fire, grandeur, strength and courage, fortitude, justice, law, military power, the king of beasts.

The symbol of cruelty, ferocity, aggressiveness, fearlessness. As the leopard spots resemble eyes, it is called vigilant Guard.

In American Indian symbol of supernatural power, the hurricane.

It has a dual meaning. As solar power is white, gold or fiery horse appears along with the gods of the Sun, vpryazhennaya in their chariots, as the moon (an element of water, sea, and chaos) force - fighting horses ocean gods. Thus, the horse symbolizes both life and death.

Lunar animal, bringing rain.

In Christianity, means the death and resurrection.

Symbolizes resurrection (the appearance of the spring from its winter lair with bear), a new life, and therefore, initiation and rituals associated with the transition.

Refers to industry.

Chthonic symbol, meaning the forces of darkness, perpetual motion, wanton arousal dust.

Represents shamelessness, an overbearing, malignancy, lower instincts.

Connected with dragon, spider and the symbols spiral.

Symbolizes the Sun, update, creation, fire, sunrise.

Solar symbol of all the gods of the sun, the midday sun, the spirit, ascension, inspiration, liberation from the bonds, victory, pride, contemplation, apotheosis, a royal origin, power, strength, height, the element of air. It was believed that the eagle is able to reach the Sun and not migaya, look at it and connect with him. In this context, the eagle represented the spirit of a man who is vzmyt to heaven. Bicipital Eagles are the attributes of the gods, the twins may mean vseznanie and dual power. The rivalry between the eagle and bulls, an eagle and a lion , which is always winning eagle symbolizes the triumph of spirit and intellect of the fleshly nature. The conflict between the eagle and serpent , an eagle with a snake displays in the jaws of victory spirit. In this battle eagle represents power for good, but snake - and the chthonic forces of evil.

Mean humility, patience, peace, stupidity, stubbornness, fertility, lust.

Refers to the blind, irrational adherence and helplessness.

In the Christian tradition asserts that the panther (leopard), rescued people from dragon, or the spirit of evil. Because it was thought that her fragrant breath, she symbolized the beneficial effect of Christ.

Great Mother of the terrible fate of hypostasis weavers sometimes portrayed as a spider. All the lunar goddesses - spinner and weavers of fate, and the Space Spider, the Great Spider, or a great spinner, is the Creator, who pryadet thread of life of its own substance, is attached to itself through the umbilical cord of all people, and weave them into a network design world.

Solar symbol associated with the cult of trees and the Sun.

Because we believe that this bird feeds its young with blood, it symbolizes the sacrifice, mercy and gentleness.

Solar bird attribute the solar gods, with the exception of Scandinavian and Celtic symbolism. Male principle Bird Fame, meaning superiority, courage, vigilance, Dawn.

Symbolizes an imitation, repetition without understanding.

Symbolizes visual acuity. It was thought that lynx is able to see through the wall.

Able to see both day and night, is a symbol of the Egyptian Anubis, "exploration", "discoverer Ways", psihopompa leading the soul from this world to another.

Means death, the destructive force, disaster, darkness.

Represents loyalty, vigilance, nobility, (dogs and falcons - emblem of nobility). Plutarch said that the dogs represent the "conservative, sober, philosophical start in life." "A dog, raised its rough neck with a black face, alternately, the golden mean messenger snuyuschego hither and thither between the highest and ground forces" (Apulia). It protects the border between the world and therefore, the transition guard, guardian of the world underground, prisluzhnitsa dead psihopomp. As a lunar animal, along with hare and lizards, a dog - an intermediary between the moon deities.

Shares of eagle most of its solar symbolism. May change places with him. This excitement, victory, climbing through the levels. Indicates the freedom, and therefore hope to those in shackles, moral or spiritual.

In China it symbolizes luck and considered "the bird of fun." Blither forty brings good news and news that will come visit. During the dynasty Mancha forty represented imperial rule.

Ambivalent character. The bird of wisdom, but also of darkness and death. American Indians: the wisdom, prophecy.

Ostrich feather symbolizes truth and justice (because of its feathers just Odinkovy).

The symbol of fertility, and hence prosperity. However, it also means the rapacity, greed, greed, anger and unbridled passion, as well as sewage. Sows associated with the Great Mother and is lunar and celestial symbols.

Sacrifice means perfect sacrifice of the bull.

Ambivalenten. The image that both lunar and solar. It is the creator and destroyer. Tiger struggling with snake, symbolizes heavenly solar power. In the battle with lion or oriental dragon, the tiger becomes a symbol of moon, chthonic and malicious. He is also a symbol of royal dignity, brutality, force. Perhaps the personification of Mother Earth.

As the duck swims on the surface, it symbolizes superficiality. Means still talking, and cheating.

In Christianity, a symbol of modesty, dignity, royal blood, obedience, vitality and asssotsiiruetsya with Magami and John the Baptist, who wore a belt camel leather.

If the parish associated with bulls, it symbolizes the beginning of the sun and fertility. If it is understood as a castrated bull, it loses meaning and becomes a lunar fertility symbol personified congenital physical force, patient work, welfare and sacrifice.

Refers to land, the evil, devouring passion and fury. Wolves and ravens are often close friends of primitive gods of the dead.

As a "talking bird, a symbol of prophecy. In other respects ambivalenten: means both sun and the darkness of evil goodness, wisdom, and the destruction of war.

In Zoroastrianism is one of the "clean" animals, the killing of which (like dogs) was considered a great sin.

It is a lunar creature. This is the element of moisture. Because the thought that the lizard does not have the language and fed with dew, it represents silence.

Solar bird. It has the same symbolism as the eagle. Is an attribute of all the gods of the Sun and the embodiment of heaven, because, royal descent, nobility. It was believed that the hawk, like orlu can fly to the Sun and look at him, not migaya. The gods that appear, accompanied by a hawk or a hawk's head - is the Sun gods.

Lunar animal, and attribute all lunar deities.

Lunar animal related to the water element. Symbolizes an evil, despicable things, and death. It is believed that the toad, like serpent, has a head stone.

In the symbolism of the Iranian stud personifies the force of the sun and fire and is an attribute of class warriors.

This messenger of gods personifying the message from the gods, to enter into higher states of consciousness.

It is highly complex and universal symbol.

Symbolic animal Assyrian, Sumerian, or Bella Enlilya as the ruler of heaven, earth and destinies.