Lunar animal related to the water element. Symbolizes an evil, despicable things, and death. It is believed that the toad, like serpent, has a head stone.

In alchemy represents the dark side of nature, its lowest, but the productive sectors. "Connected to the earth's zhaboy flying eagle, and you postignesh in our art" ( "Magisterium", Avicenna).

In Indian American toad - so dark Manita, lunar water, the forces of darkness and evil, winning the Grand Manita.

We Celts toad often takes place snake as an evil force.

In China, the toad - Yin, lunar beginning unachievable, longevity, wealth and enrichment.

Trehlapaya toad lives on the moon, and its three legs represent the three phases of the moon. In Christianity, the toad - the symbol of evil and greed.

In ancient Greece - an attribute Sabaziya.

In Iran, the toad - Ahriman, the evil, envy, greed, greed, but also fertility.

We the peoples of Mexico - the land. Toad and the mushroom, fly agaric toadstool symbolize sacred, daruyuschy enlightenment.

We the peoples of Oceania - death.

Do Taoists - attribute Hong Xian-Xing.

In toad symbolizes witchcraft witches and good luck.