Solar bird. It has the same symbolism as the eagle. Is an attribute of all the gods of the Sun and the embodiment of heaven, because, royal descent, nobility. It was believed that the hawk, like orlu can fly to the Sun and look at him, not migaya. The gods that appear, accompanied by a hawk or a hawk's head - is the Sun gods.

In Aztec hawk - messenger of gods.

In the Egyptian hawk - a royal bird, spirit, soul, inspiration, Poultry QUINCY, Ra, the Sun. Other gods, accompanied by a hawk or a hawk's head - is PTA, Gore, Menta, regulatory, SOCAR, Kebsenuf. There is also crocodile with a hawk's head, Sebek-Ra, and sometimes has a sphinx's head hawk. It is the emblem of Amenti, the Great Mother and Goddess of the West and the underground world.

In Greco-Roman mythology hawk - fast Envoy Apollo; attribute Tsirtsei.

In Hinduism hawk Gayyatri brought SOMU from Heaven. Yastreb is also a means of movement of Indra.

In Iranian mythology as a symbol of light is an attribute Ormuzda (Ahura Mazda).

In mitraizme hawk - as an attribute of the sun god Mithra.