In addition to the eagle, ibis, stork destroy evil is because of reptiles and solar bird. But, as a creature associated with water and fish, it is associated with the waters of creation. "Stork brought" the children of the embryos were in the bosom of Mother Earth and in the waters of creation, and where they are at catching fish storks.

Stork also symbolizes the arrival of spring and new life, and because the bird is the Annunciation.

In Chinese means longevity, happy and peaceful old age, filial reverence decent, alien to the temptations of living in seclusion hermit.

A Christian Stork symbolizes chastity, purity, reverence, diligence and vigilance. As a harbinger of spring is considered a symbol of new life.

Do Egyptians personified filial reverence, because it was thought that the stork feeds her parents in old age.

In the Greek goddess of mysteries Stork depicted in the form of women - podatelnitsy life, and breastfeeding is an attribute of Gera. In Romans stork symbolize reverence, filial affection, and was considered an attribute of Juno.