Symbolizes the spirit of life, the soul, the transition from one state to another, the spirit of light, purity (but in some traditions - the symbol of voluptuousness), innocence, tenderness and peace. Blue dedicate the Great Mother and the Queen of heaven. Then it means femininity and motherhood.

Two doves are often accompanied by the goddess-mother - the dove with olive branch - a symbol of peace and renewal of life. In addition, it is the emblem of Athens. Pigeons, drinking from the cup, mean spirit, drinking the water of life. Sacred pigeons are associated with burial cults.

A Chinese dove symbolizes longevity, loyalty, orderliness, filial reverence, and a daughter, spring, voluptuousness, and is also associated with Mother Earth.

In Christianity - a symbol of the Holy Spirit, clean, inspirational thoughts, peace, Epiphany, Good News, the water works. 'Seven doves symbolize the seven gifts of the Spirit, a flock of pigeons - the faithful dove with olive branch - peace, forgiveness and deliverance. Just as the dove from Noah's Ark has an olive branch as a sign of peace between God and man and found no place anywhere, except the ark, and as a Christian does not find salvation anywhere but church. Dove with palm means victory over death. White dove - a symbol of salvation, the last purification as antithesis Black Raven of sin. Pigeons on the vine symbolize the believers who had taken refuge in Christ. A pair of doves symbolizes marital happiness and love. Dove in the crook of her husband Joseph is pure virgin.

Dove is the emblem of the Holy Grail Knights and St. Benedict, Gregory, and Skolastiki. In the Egyptian symbol of innocence. Dove appears on the branches of the tree of life with its fruit and the vessel filled with water of life.

In Greco-Roman culture it symbolizes love and the renewal of life and is an attribute of Zeus, which was vskormlen pigeons. Dove with olive branch is an emblem of Athens, as a symbol of renewal of life, dedicated to Adonis and Bacchus, as first love, and Venus, as a symbol of voluptuousness. Dove with Star - the emblem of Venus Milesian.

Do Jews white doves as a symbol of purity and sacrifice in the performance of ritual purification of the temple. Dove - the symbol of Israel. In the Old Testament, a dove is simple, harmless, innocence, gentleness, simply, incubation, and embodies the soul of the deceased.

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