This messenger of gods personifying the message from the gods, to enter into higher states of consciousness.

We Celts face crane is the lord of underground world Pyul, messenger of death or war, symbolizing the meanness, miserliness, and evil women.

In China, the crane - "Patriarch feathered tribe," Envoy of gods, the mediator between heaven and earth. He is the soul of the western paradise and symbolizes immortality, longevity, protecting motherhood, vigilance, prosperity, a high official position, happiness. Crane is often associated with the sun and pine. Pure white cranes - holy birds inhabiting islands Blessed.

In Christianity, the crane symbolizes vigilance, loyalty, quality, good order in the monastic life.

In Greco-Roman symbolism is dedicated to Apollo, the bird as messenger of spring and the world.

In Japan, "Dear GospOdin Crane" has the same meaning as in China.