It is highly complex and universal symbol.

Snake and dragon often used interchangeably, as in the Far East between them makes no difference. The symbolic significance of polyvalent snake.

It may be a male and female, as well as samovosproizvoditsya. As a creature kills it means death and destruction, as a creature, periodically changing the skin - the life and resurrection.

Coagulated rings serpent is identified with the cycling events. This is the beginning of the solar and lunar, life and death, light and darkness, good and evil, wisdom and blind passion, healing and poison, curator and destroyer, the revival of spiritual and physical.

Phallic symbol, fecundating male power, "the husband of all women, the presence of the snake is almost always associated with pregnancy. Snake accompanies all female deities, including the Great Mother, and is often portrayed in their hands or obvivsheysya around them. In doing so, the snake becomes female qualities, such as mystery, mystique and intuitively, and it symbolizes the unpredictable, because suddenly appear and suddenly disappear.

The snake was considered to be androgynous, and was the emblem of all samoporozhdayuschih gods, symbolizing fertility, is also due to land. It is a symbol of sun, chthonic, sex, death and a symbol display of power at any level, the source of all the potential in the material sphere, and the spiritual are closely linked with the concept of life and death. As the snake lives under the ground, it is in contact with the underground world and has access to the forces, omniscience and magical dead. Chthonic serpent - this is a manifestation of the aggressive forces of the gods and the underground world of darkness. It is widely regarded as a source of initiation and rejuvenation, and "mistress of the subsurface." In its chthonic serpent hypostasis hostile sun and all the sun and the spiritual forces, symbolizing the dark forces in man. In doing so, the positive and negative are in the beginning of the conflict, as in the case of Zeus and Tifona, Apollo and Pithon, Osiris and Seth, eagle and snakes, etc. .

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