Solar bird attribute the solar gods, with the exception of Scandinavian and Celtic symbolism. Male principle Bird Fame, meaning superiority, courage, vigilance, Dawn.

Two fragile mean cock battle of life.

Black Cock - servant of the devil.

Do Buddhists cock with pig and snake are at the center of the wheel where the rooster is fleshly passion and pride.

We Celts cock - chthonic image attribute underground gods.

A Chinese embodies the principle of yang, courage, benevolence, dignity and loyalty. Red Rooster - original form the Sun and protects against fire, a white rooster protects against spirits. Rooster - Tenth symbolic animal Twelve Terrestrial Branches. The crown on his head means the literary spirit, inclination to literature; spurs - bellicose nature. Rooster chicken in the garden means the charm of rural life. In some ceremonies, the Chinese rooster is killed, to emphasize the death of the old life and the purity of the new. Rooster, as omofonichnym with hieroglyph meaning "luck" is used in funeral ceremonies, which repel evil spirits.

In China, rooster symbolizes the dawn, and he is aggressive - it is a symbol of war, in astrological terms - it corresponds to October, when made preparations for war; cock corresponds Pleiades.

In Christianity, rooster welcomes the sunrise-Christ in the East, put to flight the forces of darkness and evil, also means vigilance and used as a wind vane, rotating it, where the forces of evil threaten. Solar gilded rooster protects the bell tower in the hours of darkness, when the bells are silent. It has a liberal, as it allows her to share with the layer of food. Represents preachers telling the coming of Dawn-Christ, but also "soul, just waiting for the dawn" (the Vedas). In conjunction with Christ is the resurrection of a rooster; associated with the apostle Peter, is a human weakness and repentance. Fighting cocks are Christians fighting for Christ. Rooster and the lion is often portrayed in opposition.

Do the Egyptians meant vigilance and foresight.

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