Mean humility, patience, peace, stupidity, stubbornness, fertility, lust.

Donkey's head is seen as a source of fertility. As a beast, forever taschuschaya WHO, the donkey represents the poor.

In Christianity, it symbolizes the birth of Christ, the flight into Egypt, the entry into Jerusalem. Images of the donkey used to the image of Jews and synagogues, and had satanicheskie allusion. The emblem of St. Germanusa.

In Egyptian culture donkey Seth served as the emblem of his tifonicheskom aspect. This inertial force, evil.

A Greek means laziness, indolence, reckless passion. Dedicated to Dionysus and Tifonu as they ill, the animal aspect. Dedicated to Priapu as plodonosnogo start and Cronos (Saturn). Sometimes Silena represent traveling on a donkey.

I mean Jews stubbornness. Kings, prophets and judges traveled to the white donkey.

Do Hindus donkeys carried heavenly cart Ravan when he takes away situation.

In the tradition sassanidskoy legged donkey is a symbol of purity and strength against the evil. Personified the three phases of the moon is a lunar symbol.

A Chinese symbol of stupidity. "The Year of the Monkey month and a donkey" - it means never.