Embodies the male principle, generate force, creative energy. Connected with the gods of the sun and sky.

In the Zodiac Aries symbolizes updating sunny spring force as the beginning of the year.

Spiral rams horn is considered to be the symbol of thunder and can communicate with the gods of sun, and the goddesses with the moon.

On the other hand, the sheep - the usual sacrificial animal. In Tibetan Buddhism a ram's head symbolizes Dorji.

In the Celts, a sign of fertility, the beginning and attribute chthonic gods of war.

Snake with the head of a sheep connected with the horned god Tsernunnom.

In Christianity, the ram symbolizes Christ as shepherd and as a victim, the anticipation of which was the ram, replaced Isaac on the altar.

In Egypt, represented the creative power, solar energy, creativity fever updating solar energy. Baran - a symbol of the god Amon-Ra. "Pa, you're Aries - powerful of all created things." Depicted with the head of a ram god Khem evolved later in the Khem-Ra. Mendessky sheep was an attribute of Osiris.

In Ancient Greece, the ram was devoted Sabaziyu Zeus-like god-ovnu and was a symbol of fertility and showing strength, Dionysus as the god of fertility; Panou as mendessky sheep. In Cyprus, sheep associated with Aphrodite. Ram (Aries) is a sign of the zodiac, manageable Mars.

In Hinduism devoted to the Vedic god of fire Agni and represents the sacred fire.

Islam sheep - a sacrificial animal.

Scandinavian Thor gear rams his chariot.

In Sumero-Semitic tradition the head of a ram at the top of the columns represented the ruler of the ocean and the fate of EA.

With horns on his head mutton usually portrayed Phoenician Baal-Hamon as the god of sky and fertility. On the mutton horns depicted Rashap, sheep, and supported his throne.