It has a dual significance, bearing in itself, and solar and lunar symbolism, and personification of goodness and evil. As a symbol the lion represents the solar heat, brilliance and strength of midday sun, the fire, grandeur, strength and courage, fortitude, justice, law, military power, the king of beasts.

On the other hand, the lion symbolizes the cruelty, savagery, savage way of life. He - a symbol of war and is an attribute of gods of war. Personified moon principle lion accompanies the Great Mother, or vpryazhena in her chariot. Symbolizing the maternal instinct, a lion often depicted with virgin goddesses of war. Goddess of Crete, Mycenae, Phrygia, Thrace, Syria, Lycia, and Sparta had on his coat of arms lion. She appears in the pictures next to the winged Artemis, Cybele, Fortuna and the Gorgon, as in India and Tibet - as an attribute of Tara and the land and a symbol of motherhood.

Lion and unicorn symbolize competing solar, lunar, female-male force. Lion kills boar, means the force of the Sun, killing wild boar winter.

Devouring one another lion and dragon represent the Union, in which the identity of the two allies.

Lion and lamb symbolizes new-found paradise, the original unity, the "Golden Age" and the end of the world and all conflicts. Solar hero kills a lion - it is the god of the sun, moderate heat of midday sun scalding. Do Makrobiusa told that lions symbolize the earth, "Mother of the Gods."

A pair of lions means "double strong ruler, and the guard doors, gates and treasures, or the tree of life. Often, they maintain, solar images, and represent a symbol of constant vigilance and courage.

Winged lion, or gryphon can impersonate androgina or union of two elements.

Green lion - a symbol of the young god of the grain before it is mature to a golden grain. The lion's head, which is a fountain, a symbol of the day the sun, the gift of water erupt on the Earth.

Throne, standing on lvah means taming power of space.

In alchemy red lion symbolizes the male principle (sulfur), a unicorn - Women's (Mercury). Green Lion is the beginning of the Alchemist, all transmutiruyuschy elixir. The two lions represent the element Mercury, philosophical mercury, nous.

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