Versatile and very complex character. Dragon, or "feathered serpent", combines the snake and bird, spirit and matter. At the outset of his symbols was entirely supportive and mean water bearing life (snake), and the breath of life (the bird). He identified with the heavenly gods and earthly representatives - emperors and kings. Subsequently, it became ambivalent symbols, indicating the beneficial rains that follow the storm, and, together with the destructive forces of lightning and floods.

In the East, the dragon, as a rule, is the power of heaven, bearing good, whereas in the West, it becomes chthonic, destructive and evil. The dragon may be solar and lunar, male and female, good and evil.

In the Far East, it symbolizes the supernatural strength, wisdom, strength, hidden knowledge, strength of water, bearing life. This is the emblem of the emperor as the Son of Heaven, and after him, a man wise and noble.

Monotheistic religions portray evil dragon force, except in certain cases where it may Logos incarnate, the spirit animating or omnipotent deity, PLERIN. dragon and snake usually interchangeable each other in symbolism, representing the implicit, nerazlichennoe, chaos, delitescence, unrestrained nature as well as zhitelnuyu force of water. When he spew thunder and lightning, moving from the undeveloped world to the world created by the form and matter. This dragon has a dual symbolism: it can act as a god of rain, and as his opponent, does not allow rain to fall. His associate, on the one hand, the sea and the deep sea, on the other - with the peaks of mountains, clouds and the solar eastern regions.

Speaking of monsters, dragons - autochthonous "land lord" with which to fight the heroes, conquerors and creators to capture or to absorb the land. They are the guardians of treasures, and access to secret knowledge. The battle with the dragon symbolize the difficulties to be overcome in order to take possession of the treasures of internal knowledge. The victory over the dragon symbolizes the conflict between light and darkness, the destruction of the destructive forces of evil, a victory over his own dark nature of man and the achievement of self. Save the innocent damsel paws of a dragon, hence the release of the net force down evil.

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