Symbolizes the Sun, update, creation, fire, sunrise.

Often associated with the Tree of Life. Stag scrimmage with chthonic snake symbol, like orlu, battle with snake, the conflict of opposites, positive and negative, light and darkness, etc. stag, treader snake feet, symbolizes the victory of spirit over matter, of good over evil. Harassment of a deer while hunting often leads to a symbolic situation. Stag often Envoy gods or celestial forces.

Deer zapryazheny in carts and Christmas time. In alchemy stag together with Unicorn mean the dual nature of Mercury, the philosophical mercury, nous.

A Celtic stag - Sun, therapeutic symbol, fertility, virility; attribute warrior-hunter Kotsidiya and Ossiana; appearance of horned god Tsernunna.

In Chinese means happiness, and monetary gain. The white stag symbolizes Show Sinya, the god of immortality. Dragon called "heavenly deer-males."

In Christian symbolism stag means religious enthusiasm and zeal, as the neophyte coveted knowledge, "as the deer yearns for the source." Deer, crumbly snake, - is the Christ, winning the forces of evil. The emblem of the holy Adrian, Eustace, Eustachian, Ida, Felix, Julian Gospitalera. Stag with the crucifixion of horns - the emblem of St. Hubert.

In Greco-Roman tradition of stag - an attribute of Artemis (Diana).

A Hittite as deer stands deity - conservator male. God of Animals is a buck-buck.

Do mitraistov stag and bull represent the moment of death.

We Scandinavians skin a deer-buck is often used in shamanistic rituals.

In Sumero-Semitic tradition of the god of fertility was sometimes dressed as a stag to sacrifice. The head of a deer-buck - Rashapa emblem.

Northern deer from the Scandinavians is dedicated to the Great Mother of Jesus, or Dis.