Lunar animal, bringing rain.

Symbolizes fertility, fecundity, eroticism. How to rise from the water means the renewal of life and resurrection. The life and resurrection also depend on the availability of wet skin of life as opposed to the death of dryness. The Great Frog, which holds the universe, represents the dark and undifferentiated pervomateriyu, watery element, and the initial slime, created the foundation of matter.

A Celtic Frog - Lord of the Earth, the force of water purposes.

A Chinese frog - lunar substance, referring to the principle of yin. A frog in the well represents a person with limited vision and understanding.

In Christianity, its ambivalent meaning: it symbolizes, and the resurrection, and the ugly aspect of sin, evil, heretics, insatiable pleasure worldly pleasures, envy, greed.

In the Egyptian Nile green frog - a new life, abundant offspring, abundance, fertility, reproducing the forces of nature, longevity and strength, born of weakness. Attribute Hekta as a symbol of the ability of the birth of life in the water. Protectress of mothers and newborns. The emblem of Isis.

In Greco-Roman tradition - the emblem of Aphrodite (Venus), fertility, profligacy, the harmony between the lovers.

Do Hindus Great Frog Holding the world, symbolizes the dark, undifferentiated matter.