Where there is no fox, it is impossible to establish a village.
Chinese Proverb
Fox - a symbol of cunning, longevity, fertility, hypocrisy and evil. Strings Attached foxes - it tricks the devil in Christian tradition.

Red fox - a demon of fire in Rome.

In North America - a symbol of deceit.

In Scandinavian mythology, the fox is connected with the god Loki, god of cunning, guile, deceit and volatility.

In China, foxes (ku-Do) - Odin of the symbols of longevity. It is believed that in the fifties age foxes could become a woman, in the century - in the young girl. Fox knows what's happening at a distance of thousand miles and can affect the human mind, turning it into an idiot. When the fox turns a thousand years, it becomes heaven Lisom, Tien-Hu, with nine tails. Heavenly Fox can take shape not only women but also men.

In Japan, white foxes - a symbol of abundance. Figures fox installed near the entrance to the temple, in the teeth it is usually the key to the storehouse of rice.