The symbol of fertility, and hence prosperity. However, it also means the rapacity, greed, greed, anger and unbridled passion, as well as sewage. Sows associated with the Great Mother and is lunar and celestial symbols.

Do American Indians pig - lunar and Gromov animal podatelnitsa rain.

A Buddhist in the center of the wheel pig symbolizes ignorance and greed, which is one of the three animals embodying the sins of people tied to the world of illusions, sensations and degeneration.

In Tibetan Buddhism Diamond Pig - this Vadzhravarahi, the Great Mother and Queen of Heaven.

A Celtic queen pigs "the gray old lady" Keridven - this is the Great Mother, as well as the FEA "Shining", the symbol of the moon and fertility. Pig - Manannana attribute, which provides wonderful food with the help of their pigs: they can every day to kill and eat, and every day they come alive again.

A Chinese pig - an animal originally greedy and dirty, but useful and productive after the domestication.

Christians represents Satan, greediness, sensuality. The symbol of St. Anthony Abbot, odolevshego demon polyphagia.

A pig is devoted to the Egyptians as Isis the Great Mother and Besu: may be a source of evil, as Seth in his tifonicheskom manifestation.

A pig was a symbol of Greek Elevsiya, they sacrificed Ceres and Demeter as deities of fertility. Sows Dikteyskomu dedicated to Zeus, who bring up the pig's milk.

Do Jews pork - evil, forbidden food.

Do Indians Diamond Pig - this Vadzhravarahi, Queen of Heaven, the female manifestation of the third embodiment of Vishnu in the guise of boar; is the source of life and fertility.

Muslims pork - evil, forbidden food.

We the peoples of Oceania, symbolizes the moon and fertility.

A Roman pig sacrificed Mars as the god of agriculture, as well as Tullusu and Ceres at the time of harvest.

In Sumero-Semitic tradition of the pig - an attribute goddesses Rimmon, Tiamat and the Great Mother.