It has a dual meaning. As solar power is white, gold or fiery horse appears along with the gods of the Sun, vpryazhennaya in their chariots, as the moon (an element of water, sea, and chaos) force - fighting horses ocean gods. Thus, the horse symbolizes both life and death.

The horse also symbolizes the intellect, wisdom, wit, intellect, nobility, light, dynamic force, agility, quickness of thought, running time. It is instinctive sensitive animal kind, magical forces deification and symbolizes the wind and waves. Appears in the images of gods of fertility and Vanira. It can ride the devil, and then it becomes a phallic. If a rider - Wild Hunter and Earl-King, it meant death.

Winged horse - this is the Sun or cosmic horse. He represents pure intellect, innocence, purity, life and light; them heroes. At a later time the horse was replaced bull to sacrifice. Both of them represent the gods of Heaven and fertility, the male force, as well as the chthonic forces. White knight Ocean is related both to the principle of water as well as a fire. Leo, kills the bull or a horse, means sun, moisture and fog wither .

Black horse - a sign of the funeral. Heralds a symbol of death and chaos. Appears in the period of twelve days of chaos between the old and the new year. Victim of the October death of a horse means death.

In Buddhism the horse - something indestructible, hidden nature of things. Winged horse or Space "cloud" is one of the images Avalokiteshvary or Guan-Inya. Buddha left the house on a white horse.

In Chinese Buddhism is a winged horse on the back of the book Law.

A Celtic horse - an attribute or the image of the gods, horses, such as the eponym, the Great Horse, the goddess-mare, Mebd of Tara and Machala of Ulster, protectress of horses as chthonic deities and the forces of death.

The horse may also be a solar symbol as a sign of courage, fertility, in addition, he is sent psihopomp gods.

In Chinese mythology, the horse - heaven, fire, yang, south, speed, tenacity, a good omen. Horse - Odin seven symbolic animals Twelve Terrestrial Branches. His hoof (not shoe) brings good luck. When a horse is the solar space, its contrast the Earth's cow, but appeared with a dragon, symbolizing heaven, the horse symbolizes the earth. Winged horse, carrying on its back book of the law - a sign of good luck and wealth.

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