ANC - a symbol known as the Egyptian cross, cross with the loop, kruks Ansat, "cross with a handle." ANC - a symbol of...

Cross krosslet


Cross of Calvary

Greek cross

Iron Cross

Celtic Cross

Cross bottonni

Cross of Constantine

Cross Koptev

Oblique cross

Cross Crusaders
The cross represents the five gold crosses on a silver background. This cross was used as the emblem Norman conqueror Godfried Bulonskim...

Latin cross

Lorransky Cross

The Maltese Cross
The Maltese Cross - the once powerful Order of Knights gospitalerov (ioannitov - members of Catholic religious Order of the Knights'...

Cross sanctified

Cross Pope

Patriarchal cross

Cross of Peace

Peter Cross

Cross potent

Red Cross

Cross with a rose

Russian Cross

Nordic Cross


Tau Cross

Anchor Cross