Its symbolism is similar to the symbolism antelope, deer or goat.

In Christianity, running from predators gazelle flight represents the soul of worldly passions.

Do Egyptians gazelle and oryx, along with goats, is an attribute of Seth in his tifonicheskom aspect. Gore, disregarding the legs gazelle - a victory over tifonicheskimi forces.

In Greco-Roman mythology gazelle - attribute Diana.

Do Hindus springbok antelope, along with a means of movement of the moon god Chandra, as well as a symbol of Lord Shiva, who drives a chariot, zapryazhennoy gazelle or antelope. Gazelle or antelope are in the Hindu zodiac Unicorn.

Islam embodies the spiritual condition: "My soul, for gazelles lawn!" (Ibn Arabi).

In Sumero-Semitic tradition is considered an attribute of the god of storms and Ashtaroth Mullilya. Sometimes God appears with the EA.