Ambivalent character. The bird of wisdom, but also of darkness and death. American Indians: the wisdom, prophecy.

The Celts: chthonic character, "night witch", "cadaverous bird."

China: evil, crime, death, horror, ungrateful children. At the funeral urnah symbolizes death.

Christianity: Satan, the forces of darkness, solitude, sorrow, desolation, bad news. Hoot - a "song of death." The owl is also symbolized Jews predpochetshih darkness the light of the Gospel.

Egypt: death, night, cold.

Greco-Roman tradition: owl symbolize wisdom and was dedicated to Athena (Minerva). Owl was an attribute of the god of darkness and night in Etruscan.

Jewish tradition: blindness. Hinduism: the emblem of the Pit, the god of the dead.

Japan: The death knell. Mexico: night, death.