Solar bird that has much in common with cranes and stork. In addition, a symbol of vigilance and calm. This is a water bird.

In Buddhism and Taoism takes symbolism Crane.

In Chinese and Japanese symbolism white heron, associated with Black Raven, forms the opposition yin-yang, solar and lunar, light and darkness, there are serious, and the tacit (thinker), and the other, malicious and gossipy. Tsaplya embodies grace and delicacy, as it takes off, not zamutiv water. In art, it is associated with ivoy.

In the Egyptian heron - the first creature, transforming the soul after death. Believed that Benn is one of the varieties of herons, and perhaps it is phoenix, because it also symbolizes facing the sun, rebirth, the return of Osiris, but as a bird spill Nile - update life. When Neil is spilled, leave the river and herons flying over the fields.