The universal symbol of resurrection and immortality, death and rebirth in the fire. This is a fabulous bird that dies as a result of taking himself as a sacrifice. It remains dead for three days (new moon) and then rises from the ashes.

These symbols - moon, but the phoenix universally understood as a solar symbol. As the "fire bird", he means the divinity of the imperial power, dignity and uniqueness. Symbolizes also gentleness, because it never breaks on that land, and do not feed on anything alive, but only the dew. In all versions of paradise garden phoenix is connected with a rose.

Alchemy: the completion of the "Great Works" revival. Aztecs, Maya, tolteki: sun symbol, good luck. In quetzales - Satellite Kettsalkoatlya. China: Feng Huang, kinovarnaya bird "," substance of flame, one of four spiritually gifted (or sacred) beings, embodying, like dragons and tsilinyu with which it is always connected, both yin and yang. If it is male ( "fan"), the yang, the sun beginning, fiery bird. If the "Juan", it is feminine, inskoe, lunar beginning.

Shown together with dragon as a symbol of the Emperor, the phoenix became a symbol of women's and means Empress, and together they are - both aspects of imperial power. In the female hypostasis ( "Juan"), the phoenix is the beauty, delicacy of feelings and the world. It is also a wedding symbol, meaning "indivisible commonwealth" - not only for a married couple, but for the universal interdependence of nn-yang in the world of duality.

In addition, like the dragon and tsilinyu, Phoenix is made up of several different elements that represented the entire cosmos: his head cock (Sun), the spin swallows (the symbol of the increasing moon), its wings - wind, tail symbolizes the trees and flowers, his legs - land, he pyatitsveten that symbolizes the five virtues: "His color pleases the eye his crest is the righteousness of his language is sincere, his voice displays a melody, its ear enjoys music, his heart in compliance with the rules in his chest - the treasures of literature, the spurs have the power to break the law "(from the ancient ritual).

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