Symbolizes lunar female principle, chastity, purity, virginity, perfect goodness, dignity, strength of mind and body integrity. The merger of the two horns of Odin is the indivisible unity of opposites and power of the sovereign. Unicorn is sometimes depicted on either side of the tree of life, as his guards.

Battle of the lion and the unicorn symbolizes the solar and lunar forces, and a pair of opposites. Unicorn - "ruler of waters, its horn helps detect poison in the water and neutralize it.

Do astrologists unicorn - it is mercury, a lion - sulfur.

A Chinese Unicorn is often equated with tsilinem, one of the four animals spiritually gifted, he - the essence of the five elements. If he is represented in white, it is a lunar symbol, yin, animal, but as tsilin, it represents the union yin and yang. It symbolizes gentleness, kindness, good will, pleasure, longevity, grandeur, good governance, renowned offspring. Horn of a unicorn is a happy prophecy for the emperor. Drive to the top tsiline means be glorified.

In Christianity, Christ - is "horn of salvation." Horn, as an antidote, it symbolizes Christ's ability shrive; the unity of Christ and God the Father, and Christ as the only son of God. As the owner of purity, chastity and virginity, Unicorn is the emblem of the Virgin Mary.

If the unicorn is depicted in Odinochestve, it symbolizes the monastic life and is the emblem of the holy Justine Antiochia th and Justine of Padua.

In Egyptian mythology unicorn embodies all the moral qualities.

In Greco-Roman tradition unicorn - an attribute of all pristine, lunar goddess, particularly Artemis (Diana).

Do the Jews he symbolizes the royal majesty, power and authority.

In heraldry, it is head and body horses, tail of the lion, legs and hoof deer and perekruchenny horn in the center of the forehead. He is depicted with lion, which means the unity of lunar and solar forces.

Do Iranians unicorn - it is perfect and all the moral qualities.

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